Inventions and inventors

Many inventions are here in this world invented by great people of the world.
Here I am going to introduce some of the great inventions with the name of the inventors.
Ohain from Germany invent airplane jet engine on 1939, this is really great thing for the people I think.
In 1783 J.M and J.E Montogolfier invented the great and amazing thing balloon.
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Drug addiction

Drug addiction is a kind of disease which causes due to uncontrollable intake of drugs in body. It is very bad habit because this kind of diseases can destroy your life slowly. There are large number of drugs which people take for fake enjoyment due to mental disorders. Every drug has its own effect on body but all of these are harmful for body therefore, we should try to avoid this kind of habits and inform other friends also about it. Now a days Governments are taking actions regarding this issue by starting campaigns for social awareness of people.

Everyone have observed

I think everyone have observed this fact that the entertainment media is more responsible for the moral training of the society.  We read many moral stories in our course books and got educated from the early years. But only few people kept them in mind and act upon those. Lees verder...

More about Jinah

From London he got his law degree and come to his country. He started his law practice in Mumbai and got good fame in the history of law. He join Muslim league party working for getting freedom from the English and the Hindus.  Lees verder...